Cellophane Walls

by Mataram Meu Mestre

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released September 3, 2012

Todas as músicas por Mataram Meu Mestre
Produzido por Taian Cavalca e Eduardo Ramos
Gravado nos estúdios Na Cena, Cabana e nossa rep
Engenheiro de Audio: Tiago Pardal Assolini
Projeto gráfico, fotografias e arte por Marcus Braga



all rights reserved


Mataram Meu Mestre Sorocaba, Brazil

Seria algo como se estes cinco jovens adultos do interior de São Paulo decidissem começar uma revolução particular no quarto de ensaio deles, abolindo todas as regras e misturando os elementos mais díspares do jazz e rock. Este quinteto já chega com todas as armas possíveis na mão com o single "Avesso" que, com sua dualidade, evoca a melancolia circense das tardes de domingo. ... more

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Track Name: Cellophane Walls
Don’t avoid the looks of people you just know from other times
it’s right to get divided between yes or no
but I tell you “You just gotta stop with this bullshit”
some say you’re ignorant, that you just can’t relate to anyone

Well, do you know this fear, for sure, is shared?
And this time you’ll have to face the fact that people’s minds
Should work the same as yours, in fact:
you need the same things,
you think the same things,
you feel the same way
And that just fits you right, don’t it?
You shouldn’t let those dreadful thoughts
Overlap towards control

You could share perhaps the chair
But never even a Da-da-Dialogue
Always comes the time for uncomfortable silence
When all words escape, a lack of conversation.
But you still feel that need to keep talking
‘Till the mutual ignorance takes place -
A compact of solitude

The people look strange
but if you care
you can change the material excess
of a person
you don’t know the name
But this doesn’t make
Any difference
The people look strange
but if you care...
Track Name: Candle Wish
Well I’ve listened some good things about living
The thrill and rapture of the passions
How people really do believe they’ll last forever
And how important their existence was to the order of things
The universe seems so small to them
‘the whole world in a grain of sand’ some say
But all kind of beings have some joy in living
So as if it were live what I’m doing, I’ll have some little joy

I’ll breathe
I’ll taste
I’ll sense
I’ll feel
I’ll suffer and I’ll hurt
I will fuck, I’ll fly, I’ll fall
I’ll live and live again
I’ll change, I’ll sing, I’ll watch, i’ll do
I’ll paint and I’ll be mad
I’ll love. Yes, I’ll love

And being similar to humans, some selfishness
won’t harm
Let’s put this plan to it
That young man shall be mine
Track Name: Dog Dog Man Man
The dog man of the society
drops the gun but no one sees
He needs somebody to love
not any kind of woman
He only sees her through the light of TV

She comes to me with angry in her eyes
and yells something in my ears:
“Welcome to the barrel of the gun”

Everytime I think of us
and everytime I watch that shot marching furiously in my direction
I see a woman in a black dress saying
beautiful things in my ears
singing beautiful melodies
then I realize that love is to crying for

Mother, it’s alright
Now my tears can roll down free
Take all this singing as a proof of it!